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Aidas Marketing EXPLORE Distributor and Supplier of Packaging Materials and Machines
Packaging Materials

Our range of products include Industrial Tapes, PP Straps, PET Straps,  Aluminum Foil Rolls,  Shrinks Stretch Films, Plastic Crates, Pallets and more.

Packaging Machines

Our product range includes a wide range of Auto Labeling Machine, Batch Coders, Shrink Tunnels, Liquid Filling Machine, Powder Filling Machine and more.

HDPE / PET Bottle and Containers

Our product range includes a wide range of HDPE and PET bottles and containers for Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, FMCG and Cosmetics.


We have all types of packaging materials, packaging machines and HDPE and PET Bottles and Containers.


We believe that our relationships and collaborations are crucial to instilling a community of life-long learning.


We are professionally managed company engaged in industrial distribution activities since 1996. Company is promoted in leadership of Mr. Rajesh Gupta who has decades of experience in the field. Our range of packaging material is developed utilizing high grade raw material, which is sourced from authentic vendors in the market. In addition to this, the offered range of packaging material is highly acclaimed in the market for its excellent finish, superior quality and capability to retain the properties of packaged items for a longer period of time.


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